Electric mobile crane 7 tons


The compact electric mobile crane 7 tons has everything that an electric mobile crane should have: a compact design, precise control, a considerable lifting capacity of 7 tons and plenty of flexibility: because the electric mobile crane 7 tons can also be transformed into a forklift when the project requires it.

Accessories / Options


Our electric mobile crane 7 tons is like all our special vehicles and transport tools equipped with a powerful electric motor and a long-life battery. It is conveniently controlled by a remote control and can be moved by it with millimeter precision. The special non-marking tires of the crane round off the high-quality equipment of the Pick&Carry Crane.

Just as you need it!

Whether pick & carry crane or forklift, hook or jib: our electric mobile crane 7 tons adapts perfectly to your project. It can be easily moved and precisely controlled in all variants via remote control, even while transporting loads of up to 7,000 kg. Just made for all those who have big plans!

Set for performance!

The 7-tonne electric mobile crane glides along quietly yet powerfully. This is ensured by two 3.5 kW electric motors, which are powered for a full 8 hours by a powerful 72V battery. The electric mobile crane easily carries 7 tons, no matter what the load. This is not only appreciated by machine and plant builders, but also by steel constructors, as well as the clean non-marking tires, which are a must in many industries and a matter of course for us at Czulkowski.

Extras in series!

Not only the standard equipment of the electric mobile crane 7 tons, but also its many extras are convincing and make it an all-rounder in terms of transport. Equipped from the factory with a sequentially extendable boom and a hydraulically telescoping tip, the electric mobile crane can additionally be equipped with a hydraulic winch, or hydraulic fork carriers, which transform the Pick & Carry Crane into an electric forklift.

Additional information


3.726 mm


1.380 mm


1,869 mm


7,700 kg
Removable counterweights 3,000 kg

max. load / lifting capacity

7.000 kg

Inventory number

CR 108


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