Electric undercarriage Robot 30 tons set


The ROBOT 30 undercarriage is designed for heavy loads of up to 30 tons and moves them safely and flexibly to almost any desired location - conveniently controlled remotely.

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Advantages of electrically driven transport trolleys:

Practical, with rechargeable battery and handy radio remote control! The remote control can be switched from two-hand to one-hand operation (flexible left/right). The one-hand operation allows simply, the exact straight travel of the chassis. No separate traction unit required. High running time (under full load in ideal conditions) due to direct driven engine. Short charging time of the self-propelled transport undercarriage JLA-e 15/30 G with fast charger = 1.5 h. Alternatively available with small charger. Charging time 5-6 h. Can be rotated 360°.

Additional information


1.200 mm


860 mm


180 mm


284 kg

max. load / lifting capacity

30.000 kg

Inventory number


  • Electric trolley Robot 30 tons



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