Electric mobile crane 3.2 tons


The compact electric mobile crane 3.2 tons is a small all-rounder - and is in almost no way inferior to its "big brothers"! Equipped with hook or JIB, the electric mobile crane moves loads of up to 3.2 tons and can be controlled by remote control.

Accessories / Options


Of course, our electric mobile crane 3.2 tons non-marking tires are also part of the "standard equipment", so that it can also perform its work in sensitive areas without leaving any traces. The crane is driven by two powerful 3 kW electric motors, which operate completely emission-free and respond perfectly - for precise work.

Stay flexible!

Our electric mobile crane 3.2 tons is not only compact and extremely mobile, it can also be equipped with a wide variety of booms. Whether JIB or hook - the "little big one" can handle any load up to 3.2 tons, making it a flexible partner for a wide range of applications.

Just come in!

With a width of just 980 mm and a height of 1696 mm, our electric mobile crane 3.2 tons is so compact that it can pass through a normal double door. Thus, it performs strong work not only in large halls, but also in smaller workshops or on construction sites. No wonder that our electric mobile crane 3.2 tons is extremely popular especially with machine and plant builders, who use it to easily reach areas that are rather difficult to access.

He has stamina!

Like all Czulkowski vehicles, our electric mobile crane moves 3.2 tons and completely emission-free. This is ensured by the two electric motors, which are supplied with energy by a powerful battery. 8 hours of continuous operation are no problem for the crane, which not only moves silently, but also without leaving any traces: because, of course, white non-marking tires are also standard on it. That's something to be proud of.

Additional information


2.785 mm


980 mm


1.695 mm


3.400 kg
Removable counterweights 700 kg

max. load / lifting capacity

3.200 kg

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  • Electric mobile crane 3.2 tons



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