Electric telescopic forklift 8 tons


Conveniently controllable via remote control: The telescopic forklift moves up to 8 tons! Of course, it is also equipped with non-marking tires, as well as a radio remote control.

Accessories / Options


Like all our special vehicles and transport tools, our electric telescopic forklift 8 tons is equipped with a powerful electric motor and a long-life battery. It is conveniently controlled by a remote control and can be moved by it with millimeter precision. The special non-marking tires of the vehicle round off the high-quality equipment of the electric telescopic forklift.

Additional information


4.500 mm


1.850 mm


1.990 mm


14.500 kg
Removable counterweights 4,000 kg

max. load / lifting capacity

8.000 kg

Inventory number

CR 109


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