Spreader beam 10 tons


Our 10 ton spreader beam with adjustable safety load hooks, which can be rotated 360° under load.

The hook spacing and the working range of our spreader beam are adjustable, as are the attachment points. The latter can be supplied with rotating load hooks or chain strands.

Accessories / Options


By using trusses, disadvantages of structural conditions, e.g. low halls, interfering edges, etc. can be partially compensated.

For example, when using a spreader beam, the angle of inclination of the sling can be significantly reduced when slinging long loads.

Renting our lifting equipment saves a lot of time through more streamlined work processes. Faster processing in turn saves money, and in this way you enjoy two benefits at once.

Additional information

Working length

without extensions: 1,985 mm
with extensions: 2,100 to 3,000 mm


240 mm


470 mm


200 kg

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