Electric mobile crane 8.5 tons


With its load capacity of 8,500 kg, the 8.5 tonne electric mobile crane has everything you need to move machines with up to 180° steering angle on the rear wheels.

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The compact electric mobile crane 8.5 tons has everything that an electric mobile crane should have: a compact design, precise control, a considerable lifting capacity of 8.5 tons and plenty of flexibility.

Whatever you have in mind: with our crane you can easily implement it. Because our electric mobile crane 5.8 tons not only inspires with its power and its purely electric propulsion: it can also be used universally due to its hydraulic tip and hydraulic winch.

Additional information


4.500 mm


1.850 mm


1.990 mm


14.500 kg

max. load / lifting capacity

10.000 kg

  • Electric mobile crane 8.5 tons



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