Electric telescopic forklift 5.8 tons


This compact and maneuverable telescopic forklift can move up to 5.8 tons. The fork can be leveled automatically. Of course, it is also equipped with non-marking tires and a remote control.

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A slight movement on the remote control is all it takes, and the two fast-responding 6.5 kW electric motors of the 5.8-ton electric telescopic forklift set the Pick & Carry Crane in motion. It can be maneuvered precisely even when transporting heavy loads and brings them quickly and safely to their destination. The same applies, of course, when it is used with its hydraulic forks. Machines and components can be lifted and transported powerfully yet smoothly - reliably and safely.

Additional information


5206 - 5806 mm


1500 mm


1945 mm


13710 kg

max. load / lifting capacity

5800 kg

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