Electric mobile crane 2.5 tons


Small, compact and maneuverable: these are the advantages of our electric mobile crane 2.5 tons. However, there is no question that it moves "big things", because with a maximum lifting capacity of 2,500 kilograms, the crane does a great job.

Accessories / Options


The electric mobile crane 2.5 tons is equipped as standard with non-marking tires that do not chalk. The crane's 2 kW electric motor responds with pinpoint accuracy and works for 8 hours without needing to be recharged thanks to a powerful 24 V, 420 Ah battery. The boom is proportionally extendable and can be additionally extended via a tip if desired.


One of the biggest advantages of the 2.5-tonne electric mobile crane is, of course, its small radius of movement: with a steering angle of +- 90°, it can be maneuvered safely even through particularly narrow spaces and is made for use in halls where space is at a premium. Because our "little one" can get into even the farthest corners.


Of course, the compact dimensions of the electric mobile crane 2.5 tons are also a great advantage: with a width of just 900 mm and a height of 1610 mm, it almost fits through a normal house door. This means that the electric mobile crane 2.5 tons can also be used in unfinished buildings, for example, by window builders, carpenters or craftsmen from the prefabricated construction industry who have to transport large components such as windows or walls.


Especially when used inside buildings, two additional features come into their own: firstly, the electric mobile crane 2.5 tons is equipped with non-marking tires and thus leaves no traces during work. Secondly, the crane is powered by a powerful electric motor with zero emissions - and a battery capacity of 8 working hours. Exhaust fumes, including dirt and odors, are thus a thing of the past. Good for work - and for the climate!

Additional information


2.790 mm


900 mm


1.610 mm


2.400 kg
Removable counterweights 750 kg

Max. Load / lifting capacity

2.500 kg

Inventory number

CR 117

  • Electric mobile crane 2.5 tons



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