Electric mobile crane 12 tons


The electric mobile crane 12 tons moves equipment and machines weighing up to 12 tons via hook, JIB and extension. Equipped with forks, it transforms the electric mobile crane into a compact electric forklift, which also performs heavy-duty work with a load capacity of 8 tons.

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The electric mobile crane 12 tons is equipped as standard with non-marking tires, which are made to roll by two powerful 6.5 kW electric motors. As always with Czulkowski, the 12 ton crane is also equipped with a powerful battery, which convinces with a performance of 8 working hours.

Our quick-change artist!

The 12-tonne electric mobile crane is used time and again, especially for industrial assembly and machine relocation. Because only a few special vehicles in its class can be used as flexibly as it: whether as a classic pick & carry crane with a load capacity of 12 tons, equipped with JIB, hook or hydraulic winch, or as an electric telescopic forklift with a load capacity of 5.8 tons: the 12-ton crane guarantees top performance!

Full speed ahead!

A slight movement on the remote control is all it takes, and the two fast-responding 6.5 kW electric motors of the 12-tonne electric mobile crane set the Pick & Carry Crane in motion. It can be maneuvered with precision even when transporting heavy loads and gets them to their destination quickly and safely. The same applies, of course, when it is used with its hydraulic forks. Machines and components can be lifted and transported powerfully yet smoothly - reliably and safely.

Best processed!

If you want to lift a lot, you also have to weigh a lot yourself. With an intrinsic weight of a full 13 tons, the 12-tonne electric mobile crane meets this requirement. Only about 4.1 tons fall on the removable counterweights of the electric mobile crane, the remaining weight is mainly due to the solid, prefabricated and welded steel plates from which the 12-ton crane is made. Our Pick & Carry Crane is correspondingly robust and can withstand even demanding situations in everyday use.

Additional information


3.200 - 3.800 mm


1.500 mm


1.938 mm


13.000 kg
Removable counterweights 4,100 kg

max. load / lifting capacity

12.000 kg

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  • Electric mobile crane 12 tons



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